Nighthawk Custom 1911s, Revolvers and Shotguns, Oh My!

    Nighthawk Custom makes top-tier functional artwork that just so happens to also launch copper and lead at ~1000fps. And while I’ve come to terms with the fact that I will probably never be able to afford one of their guns, (come on Pulitzer Prize!) I still like to stop by now and then to window shop and drool.  Last week I was happy to see Nighthawk’s and Korth’s collaborative line of revolvers finally available for purchase. If you remember, Nathaniel F. stopped by their booth at the Annual NRA show a few months back or the debut. I am especially intrigued by the little Sky Hawk 9mm wheel gun that looks to have a tight cylinder gap. Could this actually be a viable suppressor host? I wonder if Nighthawk would make some “customizations” for me.

    As I dream, why don’t you check out the craftsmanship on the rest of the “new” Nighthawk Custom creations.

    Korth Revolver Revolver Series:

    SkyHawk 9mm:

    Nighthawk Custom

    Nighthawk Custom

    The Sky Hawk is a 9mm revolver (2” or 3” barrel) requiring no moon clips due to its proprietary ejection system. The fully machined frame and parts fit together and function like a fine Swiss watch. All parts and frame are machined from billet steel and aluminum. The trigger is high polished and the action is like no other compact revolver due to the high level of engineering and attention to detail during the machining and assembly process. Durability and accuracy is unmatched as it should be in a revolver of this stature.

    A solid gold front sight bead, Hogue grips, DLC coated frame, and lanyard combine to create the finest concealable revolver on the market today.

    The Sky Hawk is built from the finest materials and design available at any price.


    • Barrel Length: 2” (or 3”)
    • Weight: 1.23 lb
    • Overall Length: 6.3”
    • Width: 1.54”
    • Height: 5.12”
    • Finish: Frame is Hard Coated Black. Cylinder is Black DLC Coating
    • Caliber: 9mm Luger
    • Frame Material: High Strength 7075 Aluminum
    • Barrel Material: AISI 4340


    Nighthawk Custom

    Nighthawk Custom

    The Mongoose is a 4”, (3”, 5.25” or 6” barrel optional) 6 round, .357 magnum revolver that harkens back to the days when a revolver was a hand-built piece of functioning art. The frame and all parts are fully machined from the finest billet material available. The trigger face is high polished and the smooth action is something that will make a lasting impression to even the most experienced revolver shooter. Available in DLC black; the perfection of craftsmanship and material is clearly evident.

    The Mongoose is ergonomically designed with an easy-to-access cylinder release, skeletonized, high- speed hammer and polished trigger for quick and accurate firing. A solid gold bead front sight with an adjustable rear sight adds to the beauty, accuracy, and versatility of this gun. Finger-grooved Hogue grips are standard and custom grips are available.


    • Barrel Length: 4” standard, 3”/5.25”/6” Barrel optional
    • Weight: 2.35 lbs.
    • Overall Length: 8.86”
    • Width: 1.54”
    • Finish: DLC Coated Black
    • Height: 6.1”
    • Caliber: .357 Magnum, 9mm Cylinder Optional (Clipless)
    • Frame Material: AISI 4140
    • Barrel Material: AISI 4340

    Super Sport .357



    The Super Sport is a 6”, 6 round, .357 magnum revolver that not only looks the part of a tactical and/or hunting/target/competition pistol, it shines in all those disciplines and more. The frame and all parts are fully machined from the finest billet material available. The sights are extremely easy to adjust and infinitely so. The Roller Trigger is one of the most awe-inspiring aspect of this pistol. Jaws drop, eyes bulge and comparisons begin but are never obtained. There is simply nothing like the action of the Roller Trigger. The smoothness of the trigger is enhanced by a 5-way adjustable double-action mechanism. Trigger stop, trigger return, main spring, double-action trigger progression, and sear adjustment can all be done simply and quickly.

    A Lothar Walther cold-forged polygon barrel is used for both accuracy and performance. It comes with Picatinny rails for red-dot sights, lasers, or other accessories as desired. The cylinder can be removed easily and quickly for cleaning or replacing with the optional patented 9mm/.38 Special conversion cylinder. Finger-grooved Hogue grips are standard and custom wood grips are available.


    • Barrel Length: 6”
    • Weight: 3.64 lbs.
    • Overall Length: 11.02”
    • Width: 1.54”
    • Finish: DLC
    • Height: 5.9”
    • Caliber: .357 Magnum
    • Frame Material: AISI 4140
    • Barrel Material: AISI 4340

    Browning Hi Power


    Nighthawk decided back in early 2015 not to try to re-invent the perfect double stack, but to improve upon the Browning Hi Power. This classic design offers perfect balance, size and fire power, with an impressive 13 round magazine capacity. We took one of the most revered pistols of all time and made it better.

    The results of our efforts have improved accuracy, reliability, durability, and esthetics!


    • Hand Textured(Stippled) Frame and Trigger Guard
    • Hand Textured Slide Top and Rear of the Slide
    • Custom Extended Beavertail
    • Contoured Magwell
    • French Border
    • Heinie Slant Pro Black Rear Sight
    • Nighthawk (14K) Gold Bead Front Sight
    • Crowned Barrel
    • 25 LPI Serrated Mag Release
    • Competition Steel Hammer, Improved Sear Lever, and Trigger
    • Custom 4# Crisp Trigger Job
    • Cera Kote Satin Rust Resistant Finish
    • Custom Select Cocobolo Checkered Grips with NH Logo
    • Two 13 round Capacity Magazines




    Handguns are called handguns for a reason; they’re designed to be shot by hand. So, it only makes sense that a handgun should fit the hand that’s shooting it. Working with master pistolsmith Richard Heinie, Nighthawk Custom has created what might be the ultimate concealed carry 1911. The grip frame on the Kestrel is one you won’t want to let go of. It has been thinned at the front and back, comes with slender stocks, and is matched to a commander length slide for ease of concealment. It fits your hand like Dad’s old hammer and carries like Grandpa’s pocketknife.


    • Caliber: 45 ACP/ Match Grade Crowned and Recessed Barrel
    • Reduced Overall Frame Circumference
    • Magazine well beveled for insertion
    • Heinie Slant Pro Straight Eight Night Sights
    • Hand Serrated Rear of Slide
    • Heinie Signature Scalloped front strap and Mainspring Housing
    • Forged Frame and 4.25″ Slide
    • Tactical Checkered Extended Magazine Release
    • Mainspring Housing contoured for ease of carry
    • Nighthawk Custom Ultra-Thin Alumagrips™
    • Standard Finish, Black Nitride with stainless controls

    Silent Hawk – SilencerCo Collaboration

    image image

    SilencerCo commissioned Nighthawk to produce a restricted run of 1911s built with a tri-cut top slide and custom cocking serrations to match their very popular Osprey Suppressor. Built exclusively for SilencerCo the collaboration resulted in an ultimate suppressed fighting handgun.

    From this collaboration, the Silent Hawk was born!


    • Threaded 45 ACP Barrel .578×28 with Thread Protector
    • Commander Recon Frame and Commander Slide
    • Custom Checkering on Front Strap of Frame
    • One Piece Mainspring Housing and Magwell
    • Custom NH/SilencerCo Brand Logo’s on Slide, Behind Rear Cocking Serrations
    • Hand Serrated Rear of the Slide
    • Heinie Tritium Tall Suppressor Night Sights
    • Custom Slide Cocking Serrations to Match Osprey Silencer
    • Custom Tri- Cut Top of Slide to Match Osprey Profile
    • Thick Barrel Bushing and Matching Smooth Spring Plug
    • Two Nighthawk Custom 8 Round Stainless Magazines
    • Nitride Black Out Finish
    • G10 black and gray spiral cut grips, with mag release cut-out, and Nighthawk Logo

    Overseer Shotgun


    Whether you are a civilian wanting an optimal home defense weapon, or a law enforcement professional, we can fulfill your needs!

    The Overseer Line starts with the historic Remington 870 Shotgun which is completely disassembled and customized by a single Nighthawk Gunsmith. The action and rails are hand honed for smoother operation which is essential for fast follow up shots. Two shot extension tubes are added along with our fully machined sights. They feature fully adjustable ghost ring apertures that are adjustable for elevation and windage. Front and rear sights are fully shrouded for protection against being knocked out of adjustment or damaged if dropped.

    Every Nighthawk shotgun is finished with CeraKote. Finishes differ from all black to full custom. Our six round side shell carrier and fast action tactical safety are the final standard components on every shotgun we build. The shell carrier is made from a one piece aluminum billet that is hard anodized to military spec and the dome on the safety is so pronounced that you can release the safety while acquiring the trigger in the same move.

    We can provide you with the complete custom shotgun package that has proven it-self to be the most intimidating, effective and versatile of any weapon deployed in an urban environment.



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