Russian Special Forces Practical Shooting From A Moving Vehicle

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Here is a cool video of some Russian Special Forces practicing shooting from a seated position in an unstable platform. This simulator gives the shooters a similar sensation to riding in a moving vehicle where they will have to shoot out of. Once they get the basics of firearm manipulation they move onto actually shooting from a moving vehicle and work on lagging their targets. The twin PKPs dumping rounds looks like fun.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Docduracoat Docduracoat on Aug 23, 2016

    I have practiced shooting from my car while driving along the canal at my secret spot out in the Everglades
    With a pistol out the drivers side, no problems
    Tricky aiming by lagging behind the target ( a coconut in the water) watching the splashes
    Shooting out the passenger side ( open window of course) the hot ejected brass hits the roof liner and leaves terrible marks

  • CavScout CavScout on Aug 29, 2016

    Did something like that in BASIC TRAINING. lol, not terribly special...