Russian Diplomat Kills His Mugger In Rio

    The news are talking about Ryan Lochte and the claims he made about being robbed at gunpoint along with some other US Olympian Swimmers. However there is a story about a real mugging at gunpoint that was thwarted and resulted in the death of the mugger.

    According to Yahoo 7 News, the Vice Consul of Russia, who is a Rio native, was robbed at gun point during a traffic jam. Two men on motorcycles pulled up next to his car. One of them broke the window of the car and demanded the Vice Consul’s watch. The Vice Consul is an expert in Jiu-Jitsu, possibly BJJ, and pulled the mugger into the car through the broken window. Reports say that they struggled and the mugger was shot inside the car. The second robber fled. The Russian Embassy denies that any of its staff were involved.

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