Glock Recall Update: Indy Metro PD Releases A Statement

    Yesterday we posted about the Glock 17M being recalled by Indianapolis Police Department due to the slides falling off the front of the gun during dry fire training. Since then The Firearm Blog has received more information about how many were recalled as well as an official statement from IMPD with some preliminary information.

    Glock Talk user “Robocop” who has proven to be privy to details regarding the rollout of the new service pistol since well before IMPD took delivery and TFB was able to leak the photos. Robocop posted the below message right about the same time that we broke the story of the recall. Robocop states that there were about 150 pistols issued that were being recalled and replaced with the Glock 22s that the new 17M was intended to replace. Thankfully IMPD wasn’t too deep into the issue process.


    Indianapolis Metro Police Department responded to our request to verify the recall and provided some preliminary findings and what the plan going forward for the new Glock.

    Major Riddle of IMPD said in an email:

    Our range staff believes this issue is isolated to a few guns, but for officer safety, we voluntarily recalled the weapons. We are working with Glock to determine the cause and work towards a mutually agreeable fix.

    It appears that the range staff have identified the issue in only a small number of guns and wisely recalled the whole lot in the interest of officer safety. Our speculation is the issue could be caused by only a couple things, the first being a weak coil spring holding the slide lock in place instead of the flat spring that was found on the previous generations. Another possibility is that the slide locks were inserted backwards or manufactured incorrectly.

    It appears that we are going to have to wait to hear what Glock’s findings are about the failure. Once TFB is made aware of more information we will update you on the fix as well as when IMPD gets their guns issued to the officers again.