Ruger Introduces Eye-Popping Pistol, Fancy Rifle Distributor Exclusives

    Ruger has introduced four new distributor exclusives available from AccuSport, Lipsey’s, and Gallery of Guns. The two new LCP finishes will come from Gallery of Guns featuring your choice of Kryptek Neptune camo on the frame or the eye-popping Kryptek Pontus camo. Moth pistols will feature a blued slide, black controls, and what appears to be color filled warnings on the frames. Both pistols will carry an MSRP of $309 making them a reasonable price option if you decide you need a pocket gun while scuba diving.

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    The next gun on the list is a beautiful walnut stocked Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle. I personally want one of these guns with blued metal tucked into their green laminate stock, one of these days I might get my hands on one. If you are after a stainless gun with a walnut stock, Lipsey’s has you covered with the GSR chambered in .308 Winchester. The rifle will come standard with a flash hider, 10 round magazines, adjustable sights, and a forward mounted rail to keep true to Col. Cooper’s vision.


    Lastly, the Ruger 77/44 chambered in .44 Remington Magnum is being offered by AcuSport in a beautiful American Walnut stock with some nice checkering and a blued finish. The 77/44 tips the scales at a scant 5.2 pounds and features a 4 shot rotary magazine.


    You can learn more about the guns at Ruger’s site:

    Ruger 77/44 

    Ruger Gunsite Scout

    Ruger LCP in Kryptek Pontus

    Ruger LCP in Kryptek Neptune