CruxOrd Brings Out A New Muzzle Brake

    CruxOrd is introducing a new .22 lr to .223/5.56 muzzle brake that looks like it is going to do a wonderful job of not only reducing felt recoil, but also destroying the hearing of anyone you shoot with. I kid well… sort of.


    The new muzzle device features some features with fancy names like double helix baffles and bleed lanes to help shooters cut their split times enough to make Jerry take notice. The fancy double helix baffles redirect the firing gases axially to help counter recoil and muzzle climb, while this sounds like a lot of words I am reasonably confident that the brake is going to do just what it claims. They even incorporated what they call full length bleed lanes to help cool the gasses as well as ensure that the gas volume is distributed in a controlled manner.


    The brake is hand finished to add a touch of class and custom feel to your rifle while getting you back on target faster. Crux Ordnance is having all of their parts made right here in the USA so that they can keep the level of quality high. The CruxOrd brake carries an MSRP of $139.95 and is available on CruxOrd’s website now.