Archangel 35 Round SKS Magazines, Because 10 Rounds is Never Enough

    Archangel Magazine

    When the SKS began appearing in large quantities, many US buyers snapped them up. The SKS is a solid rifle chambered for the same intermediate power cartridge as the AK-47 rifle: the 7.62×39. Unlike the AK, the SKS used a more traditionally shaped stock and lacked a detachable magazine.

    Companies like Tapco introduced a variety of drop in systems that added features to the SKS like adjustable stocks and increased capacity magazines. Some systems paired a stock with a detachable magazine, though I found some of these to be a bit spotty on the range.

    Earlier this year, ProMag introduced a new 35 round SKS magazine in its Archangel line that seems to improve the UI of the feeding system quite a bit. These new magazines have an AK-like release lever built into the mag body rather than in the stock. The result looks pretty darn functional.

    According to the company, the lever is made of steel, so it should stand up to a beating fairly well. Additionally, when the magazine was designed, special consideration was given to make sure the body could stand up to abuse as well.

    The magazines are made in the USA and have a lifetime warranty. While ProMag’s online reputation has been less than stellar in years past, I know that the company is building quite a few fans around its Archangel line of products. This product looks to be better than the other SKS magazine options I have seen.

    Richard Johnson

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