NEW: SIG Sauer Romeo Sights

    SIG Sauer continues their strong move into the optics market with their new Romeo red-dot lineup. The Romeo optics include the Romeo4, Romeo5, and Romeo7. SIG promises exceptional clarity and improved target acquisition with these optics, among other things. It seems clear the company’s plans to expand beyond firearms and into other gear such as optics and ammunition is a success.

    The Romeo4 category of red dots actually includes three models: the Romeo4A, Romeo4B, and Romeo4C, and Romeo4M. The “A” is the baseline model with a 2 MOA red-dot, the “B” has a 65 MOA/2 MOA circle-dot, and the “C” has the additional feature of solar power. The “M” is the MIL-SPEC model. SIG describes these as models best for fast target acquisition on both stationary and moving targets.

    The Romeo5 is a micro version designed for versatility. This particular model has the company’s MOTAC – Motion Activation Illumination – feature. MOTAC is meant to extend battery life by shutting down when it’s not being used. The optic is designed to turn back on when it’s moved and is activated by vibration and larger movements.

    The Romeo7 is a full-size optic specifically designed for MSR platforms. Features include a wide field of view, increased light transmission, and zero distortion. The dot itself is designed to be as bright as possible but perhaps best of all is the battery. Battery life is listed at 62,500 hours and the battery itself is a AA. The AA battery is located in a compartment that’s accessible without removing the optic from the firearm, meaning it can be replaced without dismounting.

    MSRP: Romeo4 $299.99-499.99. Romeo5 $199.99. Romeo7 $299.99.

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