Federal Gets the Lead Out with Lead-Free Power-Shok Copper

    Lead-Free Power-Shok Copper

    Federal Ammunition Lead-Free Power-Shok Copper .30-06 SPRG 150 Grain

    With restrictions in specific states or hunting areas, more hunters are in pursuit of ammunition that is lead-free. Federal is looking to dive into that market with their brand new offering of Lead-Free Power-Shok Copper ammunition.

    The initial caliber offerings are as follows:

    • .243 Winchester 85 Grain Copper HP
    • .270 Winchester 130 Grain Copper HP
    • .308 Winchester 150 Grain Copper HP
    • .30-06 Springfield 150 Grain Copper HP

      Lead-Free Power-Shok

      Federal Lead-Free Power-Shok .308 Win 150 Grain Copper

    The MSRP of this new ammo is $32.95 – $33.95 which puts it right on par to compete with the Barnes Vor-TX line of ammunition which also uses all copper bullets. The Lead-Free Power-Shok ammo is definitely a step above their traditional Power-Shok and Fusion ammunition as far as quality. The Vital-Shok series by Federal is still their cream of the crop (based on pricing and until the Lead-Free Power-Shok can be range tested).

    Federal had this to say about their new offering:

    Practical hunters seeking freezer-filling performance at an affordable price trust Federal Power-Shok rifle ammunition. New Power-Shok Copper delivers the same devastating dependability in a non-lead bullet. Shipments of this new product are now being delivered to dealers.

    The hollow-point copper projectile provides deadly downrange accuracy and creates large wound channels. Its design also ensures consistent expansion and efficient energy transfer, while the all-new Catalyst lead-free primer fuels the most efficient and reliable ignition possible.

    Power-Shok has always been a reliable, bargain for hunters and hopefully this new variation of Lead-Free Power-Shok will be just as dependable and possibly more accurate.

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