Creedmoor Ammunition Sponsoring “Gunny Time with R. Lee Ermey”

    Creedmoor Ammunition is has really been doing a ton of visibility marketing lately (as evidenced by some of our coverage) and their latest bit is to become a sponsor of “Gunny Time with R. Lee Ermey”.

    “We’re very excited to be a sponsor of Gunny and his fascinating show,” said Greg Kantorovich, president of Creedmoor Ammunition. “We have a long-standing relationship with Gunny, and he uses Creedmoor Ammunition exclusively in his own firearms. In fact, our ammo is officially ‘Gunny Approved,’ the only ammunition on the market that can make that claim!”

    These days you should take celebrity sponsorship with a grain of proverbial salt, but I have heard that R. Lee Ermey is pretty standup so I am inclined to take his endorsements with a bit more belief. I personally have never used any of Creedmoor’s┬ácommercial ammo (nor am I a celebrity) so my endorsement is worth squat. But I would be interested to hear what experiences you readers have with their ammunition? Now that I am playing more with precision shooting I am finding that good ammo is important and am on the lookout for consistent (and quality) ammo.

    Also I apparently have been living under a TV Show rock as I hadn’t heard of “Gunny Time”. I know there are a number of shows in the “past, present and future weapons and weapon technology” genre and I can only imagine he will bring a different level of entertainment with his personality. Has any one watched any of the first season? Is it worth the time?

    “Gunny Time with R. Lee Ermey,” Season Two, which runs on the Outdoor Channel on Wednesdays at both 7:30 p.m. ET and 11:30 p.m. ET.

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