A New Concealed Shelf Storage Solution For Long Guns

    A couple of months back I did an install of a Tactical Walls RFID shelf (along with a write up). I have been pretty pleased with it and have not had any problems with it–I operate it at least twice a day (staging in the morning, and withdrawing at night).

    Well, Tactical Walls has now updated their “rifle length” shelf to use the new RFID system.

    Shenandoah, Va.–TacticalWalls has announced the release of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) locking models of its 842 and 1242 Rifle Length Shelf (RLS) units.  With this release, TacticalWalls customers will now have the choice between magnetic or RFID locking mechanisms on all locking TacticalWalls units (not including the Tactical Lamp, Wall Clock or Issue Box).

    The new Rifle Length Shelves will store a long gun or several handguns in its concealed compartment.  The shelf has one RFID sensor in the middle of the unit (just like the smaller version), though this version has two locks (one on each side to prevent any sagging and help keep the shelf secure). I imagine installation is as easy as the other version (just, for the love of all that is holy, read the directions and don’t muck with the batteries until you are told to do so).

    If you have both sizes of RFID shelves you should be able to share cards–you’ll just have to reprogram one of the shelves (which is super easy). Also you can get optional L.E.D. lights illuminate the insides of the shelf.

    The surface-mounted shelf is designed for use with standard 2 x 4 stud framing. Maximum recommended hold weight for this shelf is 25 pounds inside and 25 pounds on top. Each shelf is pre-assembled and supplied with a set of two bookend-style shelf brackets for added support, one foam insert, anchors and fasteners.  To match your existing home décor, the Rifle Length Shelves are also available in six different finishes (Early American, Dutch Walnut, Cherry, Black, White and Raw) and two different types of trim (standard and rope).

    You can find more information at Tactical Walls.com

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