New FBI Glock Rumors Surface

    The new FBI Glock has been something of a mystery since the Austrian pistol was selected as the FBI’s next sidearm. Some photoshop generated renderings have been put together using the solicitation as a guide, while other Glock enthusiasts have carefully been combing through the requirements to determine what features may be included.

    The 4th gen pistols have been the flagship line for Glock since their introduction in 2010 and have become a favorite of shooters all over the world. There is a growing sentiment that the Gen 4 is getting a bit long in the tooth and needs some refreshing. Good news everyone, there is a sign that a refresher is just around the corner. December of last year Glock, Inc. started the trademark registration process of the the GEN 5 name. Could this be Glock taking a forward-thinking approach to trademarks or are they planning a reveal at SHOT 2017?


    When it comes to the new FBI Glock, we are reasonably certain about the designation it will receive, the 17m and 19m. Reports coming from officers taking the training for the “M” series of Glocks have claimed the new guns will have some of the following features:

    • A new tougher finish
    • Changes in the rifling
    • Longer recoil spring assembly
    • Reinforced forward notch for the recoil spring assembly
    • A smoother trigger similar to the G42/43
    • Flared magwell
    • No finger grooved
    • Changes in the safety plunger
    • Ambidextrous slide release
    • Magazines may have an extended front lip
    • Magazine well cutout

    The officers that were in the class have said that they believe that Glock has no plans to offer the M-series to civilian shooters since it is believed that the pistol was developed for the contracts alone. Without knowledge of the trademark registration, the take away from the class is that we should look to SHOT 17 for the introduction of a new model.

    I for one hope we see a refresh of the Glock line come SHOT, but if not I want to get my hands on a 19m to compare it to a standard Gen 4. I imagine the new gun will shoot like a Glock, and the question remains as to how much of an improvement do the purported changes make?

    Glock, if you are reading this. Gimmie.

    Hat tip to Todd, Scott, and P&S