Partnership Between KE Arms, Brethren Armament, and Rim County Manufacturing (RCM)

    Following on our earlier post of Who Bought Who, it is also interesting to note companies that are working together to bring new builds and components to market, and to make items more accessible to consumers. KE arms is now the retail distributor for all roller lock components engineered by Brethren Arms, as well as bolt groups and barrels manufactured by Rim County Manufacturing.

    We are pleased to announce the strategic partnership between Brethren Armament, KE Arms, and Rim County Manufacturing (RCM), in order to offer the quality and reliability you deserve in Roller lock firearms and accessories.

    Barrels and bolts from Rim County Manufacturing

    Barrels and bolts from Rim County Manufacturing

    If you are not familiar with Brethren Armament, one of their products is an MP5 “clone”, part of their production “factory line” which they are now resuming. The 100% American made bolt groups and CHF barrels are from Rim County Manufacturing, with all of the remaining components produced in house. An official release date has not set, but they are definitively saying you will see them before the end of the year.

    I’ve never had the pleasure of handling an MP5 (nor any variant), but they do look like a hack of a lot of fun. As well as a quick way to burn through ammo.

    These products can be found directly at, and they are currently welcoming dealer inquiries.

    UPDATEMarty Lamb the CEO of RCM Inc denies they have a partnership with KE Arms. He says they are just one of many customers. 

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