SPOT Saves A Wyoming Man’s Life

    SPOT, a satellite messaging device for those in remote areas to get their location to help when times get tough, saved a Wyoming man after he was shot in the leg by accident. Phillip Herweyer was riding a horse in a remote area of the South Fork of the Shoshone River scouting for elk in preparation for the upcoming hunting season. While Herweyer and his companion Karinthia Harrison were in the remote area, the lead rope from a pack horse became wrapped around his .45 long Colt pistol causing it to discharge. The fired round entered Herweyer in the back of his right calf and exited around his shin, no word on how extensive the damage is.

    After Herweyer had been shot, he activated his SPOT unit which sent his GPS location and an emergency signal to a central dispatch center. The dispatch center alerted local authorities at about 2:14 pm that there was an emergency beacon activated prompting the center to send out a search plane and a medical helicopter from a nearby town to search for the injured man. Thankfully Herweyer was quickly found and transported to Eastern Idaho Regional Medical Center for treatment at 5:30 pm.

    You can learn more about SPOT by clicking HERE. It is a pretty cool solution for people who love being in the middle of nowhere but still want to be able to summon help easily. At least for me it would provide some peace of mind that all I have to do is push a button and help is on the way no matter how far out in the boonies I was.