Remote Control A-10 With A Nerf GAU-8?

    A mad scientist has put together a remote control A-10 Warthog that features a Nerf GAU-8 cannon tucked into its fuselage. You might be saying “but Patrick, this isn’t the Nerf blog.” Sure, it isn’t a firearm but sure is cool as hell.

    YouTube user ajw61185 a Nerf Rival Zeus blaster into an old A-10 plane he had laying around to make something truly spectacular. The A-10’s rate of fire is an impressive 12 foam balls in less than half a second, working out to a rate of fire of about 1,440 rounds per minute. The foam balls come out of the nose of the plane so fast that it even sounds like a real GAU-8.


    I don’t know about you, but I want one. Could I use it for something adult and useful? Who am I kidding, it is too cool to not want one of my own. What would you brrrrrrrrt with the Nerf GAU-8?

    All screen grabs and video is courtesy of YouTube user ajw61185