POTD: Tavor X95 SBR

    Gear Head Works posted this on Facebook.

    How about a SBR X95? Is this short enough? It will be 17.75″ when it gets the original slim butt from IWI. About a 9″ barrel. Custom machined forearm, trigger gaurd and IDF Tavor gas tube with an IDF Meprolight. Of course the Meprolight USA wears a Homeland Guns WOR kit. It has a Primary Weapons Systems CQB muzzle device. Obviously the Magpul Industries Corp. MS4 sling is clipped into our Patented FLEx swivel!

    There are quite a few people who want the IDF Tavor X95 which is shorter than the US release X95. I believe it has a 13″ barrel and it has a different hand guard. I do not understand the attraction to having a Tavor cut down. Due to the bullpup design the amount of gun that sticks out is actually not a whole lot. Hence the beauty of the bullpup design. No need to sacrifice barrel length for a short overall length.

    Now the Gear Head Works is even shorter than the IDF X95. There is almost nothing to hold onto. There is just enough picatinny rail for a forward vertical grip.



    Here is the X95 SBR compared to other short barreled guns and a factory X95 for comparison.


    I could see a short SBR X95 chambered in 9mm being somewhat intriguing with a suppressor.