NEW: Remington R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide

    Remington is expanding their reach in handguns by adding a 10mm to their lineup. Their new R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide is an understandable choice given the rise in pistol hunters, many of whom prefer their hunting handguns be chambered in 10mm. The announcement of the new pistol follows quick on the heels of the reintroduction of the R51.

    The R1 10mm Hunter LS has a 6″ match-grade barrel, an accessory rail, VZ premium G10 grips, and  LPA fully adjustable sights. Including stock fully adjustable sights is a smart move considering the gun is being marketed to hunters looking to make careful adjustments for a clean kill. The new gun also has a stainless steel frame and slide which lends it the heft necessary to hopefully absorb some of the recoil it’s bound to create.

    There will undoubtedly be comments regarding its similarity to the Para Ordnance Elite LS Hunter, which is also chambered in 10mm. While the new R1 does bear visual similarities to the Para, similarities in performance have not yet been seen. And frankly, if the R1 is as capable a pig, deer, and mountain lion hunter as the Para, then it’s all good. (Yes, with the right combination of handgun and quality ammunition, you can drop all manner of game with a 10mm.)

    Starting MSRP $1310.00. See it for yourself online at

    From Remington’s website:

    “The R1 10mm Hunter Long Slide is a handgun built with the hunter in mind. From the extremely accurate 6” match-grade barrel, to the match quality fully adjustable sights, and VZ premium G10 grips, this pistol will get the job done at distance. The 10mm Hunter has the knockdown power and accuracy to be the perfect choice this hunting season.”





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