Custom Chamber Flags for firearms safety

    A Chamber Flag is normally a bright yellow piece of plastic that, when inserted into a firearm, indicates a safe weapon to range safety officers and other people around. They are constructed to withstand accidental bolt slamming and most are designed to to stay in the chamber when the bolt is open.

    The chamber flag is an essential and cheap tool for increased safety. They are required for 3 Gun and IPSC style shooting and competitions, and are easy to use.

    But we all like to customize our guns, and most like to stick morale patches on our gear. Why not use our safety flags for marketing or statements?

    Here are a few examples of just that, customized safety flags.

    A gun rack at a recent IPSC Rifle competition. There’s some serious gear and optics on that rack, most with customized flags.


    You can’t go wrong with a #PEWPEWPEW in your rifle. Except the rifle will never go PEW with the flag in it, and that’s a good thing in this case.


    A perfect fit for this rifle and owner.


    Below: JP Rifles CTR-02 with Kahles 1-6x and Aimpoint H-2 in a Spuhr mount. The rifle is SAFE!


    For some reason this chamber flag has increased in popularity recently.

    2016-07-04 23.58.19_resize

    The “Beware of blast” from the Top Gun Rifle Team is not bad either.


    The “I’m with stupid” below is probably one of the funniest I’ve seen.

    At least the poor Range Officer who takes care of this safety flag has an excuse for any mistakes the competitor does…


    There’s obviously a lot of room for marketing (or other messages) on these Chamber flags. I’m surprised that this marketing opportunity isn’t used more by companies associated with firearms industry. Who wouldn’t like to be associated with gun safety?

    There should be plenty of room to market ammunition, optics, gun cleaning and other accessories.

    I actually use a few of these flags to identify different keys and my bags at the luggage conveyor belt at airports, so there’s a use beyond firearms.

    The flags on the pictures above are designed and made by “St. Michael“. If you’re interested he can be contacted here:

    2016-05-13 17.17.06

    Remove Before Zombie Apocalypse

    2016-05-13 17.17.09

    Zero F*cks Given

    2016-05-13 17.17.12


    Below is another one, irony at its best. In Sweden there’s an increase in problems with “men” (often in groups) putting their hands and fingers on female body parts – where they do not belong!

    2016-06-29 23.40.58

    “Police Line – Do Not Cross”

    In an attempt to fight these crimes and sexual assaults the Swedish Police started a campaign, where they distribute bracelets to be worn by women with a message to the “men”.

    2016-08-03 19.30.27

    The text on the bracelet says “#tafsainte” (“Tafsa Inte”)  which translates into “don’t pawn” / “don’t touch”.

    2016-08-03 19.29.43

    I’m not sure what happens if you don’t wear this excellent crime fighting bracelet, if it’s a message that it’s OK to touch that lady’s ass or breasts?

    Of course, someone had to use it as a chamber flag. Hilarious!

    2016-06-29 20.28.43

    Just met a guy at the range who had this bracelet, he said his wife hadn’t touched him since he started wearing it. So they seem to work.


    Do you use a Safety/Chamber Flag on the shooting range yourself?  If not, why?

    Any cool examples out there with customized messages or marketing? Show us in the comments below!

    You’re also welcome to try to figure out which rifles that are in the top feature image.


    Bonus picture. Volvo Cars – Safety first!

    2016-08-04 09.24.08

    Note the high heels

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