Now Shipping: Hartman MH1 Reflex Sight

    Mikey Hartman MH1

    The new MH1 reflex sight is now shipping in the United States according to information released by Hartman Ltd. The new sight is a red dot style sight that promises the largest field of view on the consumer market, and it will be distributed in the US by CAA.

    Hartman Ltd. is an optics company that was co-founded by Mikey Hartman, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF.) Mikey Hartman is also the founder of the IDF sharpshooting school and the current CEO of CAA Global.

    The MH1 has a rechargeable battery that is juiced through a USB connection. A single CR123 battery acts as a power backup. Shooters can customize the interface and controls. Among the customizable features:

    • brightness level (five day, five night)
    • sleep mode duration
    • motion sensors
    • low power indications

    The sight is equipped with a pair of motion sensors that will change the sight from sleep mode to active when it detects the rifle being brought up to engage a target.

    According to Hartman Ltd, the sight is shaped in such a way as to be compatible with night vision and magnifying optics. Additionally, the company states that supplemental optics will not interfere with the ability to access the control buttons on the sight.

    The MH1 uses a 2 MOA dot. The housings come in black, tan and green. The MSRP is list as $650 regardless of color.

    Richard Johnson

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