EoTech Fails Epically and The Best Thing For Owners

    For those of you keeping up with such things, last December EoTech started offering refunds for the full purchase price for holo sight owners that experienced POI shift. Shortly after that Nathaniel F. blogged about EoTech requiring all LE customers to acknowledge the POI shift problem before shipping sights out.

    After learning of the refund program, I sent in my EoTech XPS3 and 553 for a refund after experiencing constant issues with POI shift in the Texas heat. Even a few hours in my hot truck or under a metal awning was enough to get the optic to shift noticeably. The refund process took about 8 weeks, but L3 stepped up and provided a check for the purchase price of both optics.

    Last week a member of the forum Primary & Secondary posted some photos of an XPS EoTech that failed in a spectacular fashion. As the original poster put it “the beam splitting cube became dislodged” causing the sight to become inoperable. EoTech approved a refund right away for the full purchase price due to the failure. The owner of the optic stated that his department didn’t have any issues with EoTechs up to this point, this should be yet another reminder that if you own an EoTech, it isn’t a matter of I haven’t had an issue yet, it is a matter of when you have an issue that puts that optic on the sideline.

    No word on the fate of the remaining EoTechs in the department’s inventory, I sure do hope they replace them with something that can be relied on to work as advertised. As for the best thing for EoTech owners? Take the refund. Now. You can start the process by CLICKING HERE.

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    Hat tip to Wood and Matt