Find “Safety” in the Newest RUGER American Model

    Manual Safety Version

    Ruger American Manual Safety Version

    The Ruger American pistol is fully positioned to be the focus of Ruger’s center-fire handgun offerings. Its introduction made it an immediate, direct competitor to the M&P, Glock, and Springfield series of pistols. One feature everyone noticed it was lacking (for better or worse, depending on your personal opinion) was a manual safety. Well, Ruger has responded to the people! To better serve law enforcement needs and consumer demands, they now offer a Manual Safety Version of the Ruger American.

    It is ambidextrous for all of our left-handed folk out there and it remains true to the styling of the original American pistol. This simple addition to the American should satisfy shooters who are very safety conscious and look for more than one safety within a pistol. Ruger attests to the multiple safety features in their press release statement:

    This new Manual Safety model of the Ruger American Pistol maintains all the features of the Pro model, and also comes equipped with an ambidextrous manual safety to meet consumer demand and law enforcement department requirements. The manual safety is provided in addition to the standard built-in safety features of the Pro model, including the internal sear block system, integrated trigger safety and no-trigger-pull takedown. The ambidextrous manual safety is positioned high enough that it will not be accidentally engaged while shooting and has a large surface area, making it easy to operate, even when wearing gloves.

    Manual Safety Version

    This model should be available to order very soon if it is not on store shelves already. Based on initial photos, the ambidextrous safety looks much more hefty than that of the SR series. This extra size should provide more leverage and ease-of-use for the shooter when manipulating the manual safety version.

    There are currently 3 models in the works: 9mm (17+1 Rounds), .45 ACP (10+1 Rounds), and 9mm (10+1 Rounds).

    Manual Safety Version

    Ruger® American Pistol™ 9mm (Manual Safety Version)


    To view all of the models that Ruger offers in their American line of pistols as well as their correlating specification sheets, click HERE.

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