Breaking: Academy Sports Recalling Charter Arms Lady Revolvers–Charter Arms not Informed of the Recall!

    Academy is in the news again after their knee jerk reaction to remove all modern sporting rifles from their shelves following the shooting in Orlando. Shortly after, Daniel Defense one of Academy’s suppliers learned about the sporting good giant hiding the rifles from shopper’s views they placed Academy on a do-not-sell list.

    Now Academy has issued a voluntary recall of the Charter Arms Lady .38 special revolvers due to customer reports, and Academy’s inspection of the alleged faulty revolvers has led them to believe that the revolvers suffer from a manufacturing defect that results in and unsafe condition when firing. The recall notice does not go into further detail about the exact condition they are referring.


    Academy’s recommendation if you own one of these revolvers is that if you purchased yours between February 2012 and July 2016 to stop using it immediately. In the recall notice, they recommend that Pink Lady and Lavender Lady revolvers be returned to a local Academy Sports store or by calling the Academy Sports customer service line to set up a return if there is no store in your area. Once Academy receives the revolver, they will send it to Charter arms for inspection, if determined to be safe the owner will be compensated a $25 gift card for the inconvenience.

    A Charter Arms Lady owner asked Charter on their Facebook page “Could you please explain to me better the need for a recall on my 38 Special Pink Lady and the length of this process in returning and repairing please. Very disappointed that I will need to be without my Gun!” and has not been met with a response as of yet. 

    TFB also sent a request for comment from Charter Arms which was answered this morning. Charter was not even made aware of the recall and are totally unaware of any defect in the guns in question. In fact calls from customers was the first Charter had heard of a recall. Charter has no plans to recall any of these models.

    The following recall notice is posted in all Academy stores as well as on their website HERE.

    Charter Arms Revolver Recall Notice_7.28.16

    Academy further stated this morning they have the right to conduct their own investigation of the supposed defect as well as recall the guns they have sold.

    How this will play out is anyone’s guess. I would have thought Academy would have contacted Charter and let them know of any problem they may have found and work together on this. After all the point of a recall is to protect the person who owns the gun!

    We will let you know of any updates as we obtain them.

    Hat tip to Tom