American Made DDI AKs Coming soon

    Destructive Devices Industries (DDI), makers and importers of Kalashnikov parts, rifles and the DDI-12 AK Shotgun, have announced that they will be offering American-made AK rifles. Initially, the rifles will be available in three options: fixed stock, folding plastic stock and folding metal triangle stock variations. Each model will feature Fenocited 4150 Steel barrels made by Green Mountain.

    The DDI rifles will feature hammer-forged trunnions, bolts and bolt carriers as well as military-grade furniture with metal heat shield inserts. All of the guns will be finished in KG Guncote.

    Currently, the three American-made models will be available with a stamped receiver, but future rifles will feature the DDI-made milled receiver. And while there are no current plans to offer a short barreled rifle (SBR) version, the DDI front sight gas block will allow the end user to easily register their own National Firearms Act (NFA) gun via the ATF Form 1 process.

    Prices will range from $1,099.00 for the folding stock versions and $999.99 for the fixed stock model, but the street prices will end up being around $100 less for each. The rifles will be available from authorized distributors and retailers found on the DDI website. The expected release date is September 1st.

    If the quality of these rifles turns out as expected, they will be a value basically unmatched by any other current American AK-47 manufacturer. Seems like a worthy candidate to host a Dead Air Wolverine PBS-1.


    DDI Bolt Carriers



    DDI Milled Receivers



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