Wicked Grips New Grips and Gemstone Grip Screws

    Wicked Grips recently released several new patterns of grips and gemstone inlaid grip screws. The set I received are made of aluminum with the Texas flag. This set has a somewhat worn look to them. The grips are very close to the same thickness as the SIG 938 factory grips.


    The new grip screws come in stainless, purple, blue and bronze finishes. Each set has a gemstone set by hand in the center of the screw. The choice of gemstone include Tanzanite, Pearl, Aquamarine, Garnet, Topaz, Ruby, Opal and several other types of stones. The set in the photos are Tanzanite set in polished stainless steel.

    Stainless steel with tanzanite gemstones

    Stainless steel with tanzanite gemstones

    You may be wondering how the screws are tightened and it’s pretty straightforward. Each set of grip screws have a notch in each side with a special screwdriver bit to fit each screw. The bit comes with each set of screws.


    The customer’s order comes in a nice black metal box with the Wicked Grips logo. At least in the case of my SIG 938 you can actually use the case to hold the pistol.


    From Wicked Grips


    All new cutting edge screw design for the SIG SAUER 238 and 938 series of pistols ! These new spanner screws feature synthetic Blue OPAL gemstones inset in the centers. Each set is made right here in Flint Michigan USA, then hand polished, and finished up with each gem set by hand by one of our artisans. Screws are finished in the natural tones that we achieved during heat treatment… and run from deep purples to electric blues, with golds & bronze coloration running thru. Each screw will show unique coloration and patterns in the color. While we do match these screws into sets, please understand that part of the allure of these is the natural, and unique look each screw has. The Pictures tend to capture the bronze, but in person, purple is the predominate color.

    We have many different colors & styles of gemstones for those wanting a true custom look.

    Each set comes with tool bit to fit screws… Each screw is designed to work with the factory grips, our Wicked Grips versions, as well as other after market grips with correct factory dimensions.

    Wicked Grips Website Many brands and models available.

    Phil White

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