New Allegiance Ammunition Silent Strike Round

    Allegiance Ammunition manufactures ammunition meant specifically to fulfill high-performance needs. They describe a successful high-performance self-defense or hunting round as being able to “achieve adequate penetration to reach vital organs [and] expand or fragment when it strikes fluid filled tissue without exiting.” They offer a variety of lines including TechStrike, which is described as ideal for operations being carried out in sensitive areas where overpenetration or ricochet could be disastrous, and Silent Strike, described as being used for those in law enforcement. The latest round being offered in the Silent Strike line is a 9mm, and what makes it unique is its being both frangible and subsonic.

    The new Silent Strike 9mm weighs in at 125 grain and has a lead-free Tungsten powder core. Allegiance Amunition lists its muzzle energy as 1050 feet per second and claims it is the only lead-free subsonic frangible on the market.

    Frangible ammunition is gaining popularity in the industry and among the general shooting public as well. An increasing number of companies have begun producing frangible rounds in just the last couple years. There are a variety of uses for it from steel plate shooting to self-defense to hunting, so it’s great to see it being produced on a regular basis rather than only as an occasional specialty round. Do any of you shoot frangible ammunition?

    From Allegiance Ammunition:

    Most soft targets contain 85%-90% fluid. Allegiance uses a special blend of compressed powdered-metal to allow the bullet the ability to penetrate through thick hide, heavy clothing, and bone to get to the softer fluid filled tissue.
    Once inside the target, the powdered-metal core begins fragmenting at an alarmingly fast rate, producing controlled penetration.
    As the core expands into the soft fluid filled tissue, 100% of the bullets energy is transferred into the target. This is called High-Energy Transfer (H.E.T.). The expanding powdered particles pick up the surrounding damaged tissue and shove it forward, exponentially increasing the huge frontal shockwave of the bullet.
    As the expanding powdered metal particles release the last amount of kinetic energy, they create thousands of wound channels. This creates so much hydrostatic shock that it  shuts down the central nervous system; stopping the threat instantly.

    You can take a look at the company’s entire lineup at

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