Gungenics Cleaning System


    Gun cleaning kits seem to be offered in a wide variety of packages, but few offer actual differences that distinguish between them. Occasionally, someone comes up with a new tool that offers an advantage – or at least a different way – to get your guns clean. The bore snake type tools are a good example of this.

    A company by the name of Gungenics is offering pistol cleaning kits and tools that seem to be a positive evolutionary step to the traditional kits.

    These tools offer several improvements that suggest they were designed by someone who actually uses the tools to clean his or her firearms. Too many tools I have tried look good in theory but offer little in practical use.

    One of the significant changes to the Gungenics kits is the design of the cleaning rod. First, the rod is not metal, but a strong polymer material that will not scratch the finish on your pistol or damage the crown of the barrel. Also, the T-handle has a longer body to help prevent your knuckles from smashing up against the barrel when scrubbing the bore.

    The company also uses a quick change system that allows you to snap attachments in and out with relative ease. There are additional features to these kits which are explained in the below video.

    What kind of cleaning kit do you use?

    Richard Johnson

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