Dustin Ellermann Suppresses His Henry Big Boy Carbine

    Dustin Ellermann’s suppressed Henry Big Boy Steel Carbine is nothing short of a thing of beauty. Dustin had Bullworks in Amarillo, TX modify the lever gun by threading the muzzle to accept a 1/2×28 3 lug mount from Griffin Armament, milling the front sight back a touch for clearance, and I am sure they slicked the action up a bit as well. Dustin says he didn’t have to run taller sights on the rifle thanks to the low profile Revolution 9mm suppressor that he used.

    Watching Dustin shoot the suppressed lever gun with some subsonic 158 grain wadcutters is nothing short of breathtaking. He takes several shots at a 6-8″ steel plate at about 95 yards easily compensating for the massive amount of drop landing hit after hit. He even goes on to say that at 25 rounds he was getting 1″ groups out of his pet project.

    The only thing that makes me not totally in love with Dustin’s Henry is the way the tube fed magazine loads. The choice of the 3 lug mount makes a lot more sense when you realize that he has to remove the can every time he needs to reload. I do like the idea of the suppressed lever gun after my Octane 45HD stamp comes in I may find a need for a threaded something in 45 long colt.

    What lever gun would you choose to suppress? You can read Dustin’s post on Texas Fish and Game by clicking HERE.