12 year old Trinity is a Gun Wielding Badass

    Trinity is a 12 year old girl who trains with her father Mike. I came across Mike and his daughter in this video where Trinity is practicing for a scenario where her father is incapacitated and she needs to draw his weapon, defend herself and her father.


    Here is a video of Trinity running a drill with an AR pistol and Glock

    The degree of precision and movement she demonstrated on this drill was extraordinary for a 12 year old girl. Shooting on the move, heal toe, with trigger reset after each shot. Transition to hand gun and getting the shot off as soon as she had front site picture, moving to cover with her handgun facing threat as she ducked to cover, reloading her primary flawlessly, inching out from cover slowly so to not expose herself, staying on target during the ascent. Full scan and In no rush to recover. FLAWLESS don’t think some of our officers could demonstrate this level of competency. Wish I got a close up of the target. Everything was in

    Here she is running a pistol drill on steel. Drawing a mag while keeping eyes on target, manipulating the firearm and moving off the line of force. Very well done.

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