TriStar’s New KRX Tactical Shotgun

    With the supply of Saiga 12 shotguns dry as a bone and few options left choices on the market for box magazine fed scatter guns TriStar has brought a new AR inspired shotgun to the market. Introduced at SHOT 2016 the KRX is a blend of AR-15 styling and a home defense shotgun sporting a 20″ barrel. The new shotgun will feature lightweight polymer furniture that mimics the control layout of the well known AR platform keeping the weight down to 7.4 pounds. TriStar also included other AR inspiration¬†with the inclusion of an AR style bolt release and safety.

    In addition to the AR inspired layout, the KRX will also feature a full-length Picatinny rail along the top and a rail on the bottom of the shotgun to allow shooters to attach lights, lasers, or forward grips. TriStar will also be including a removable carry handle, a removable front sight, removable tactical style choke, and two 5 round magazines as standard.

    At first glance, the KRX appears to be based on the same design that the MKA 1919 is, a proven design. Once we get a chance to take a closer look at the KRX we will have a chance to confirm our suspicions.

    You can visit their website HERE to learn a bit more about the shotgun. The MSRP for the KRX is $595 and is shipping to dealers now.


    The new KRX is currently on order for a review.