Cleaning the M4 Carbine – Army Approved

    Kudos to the United States Army for “getting with the program” and releasing a series of videos designed to assist in teaching soliders to use and care for their weapons. Yes, the production quality is worse than some of the industry’s leading YouTube personalities, but wizz-bang is not needed when all one is sending is hard knowledge.

    Latest up in the Army’s video information conveyance, dubbed “The Shooters Corner” is how to break down and clean the standard-issue M4 carbine.

    Some juicy tidbits of information, that are likely common-knowledge for those who actually deal with firearms on a regular basis:

    • Always run your brushes and patches from the chamber to the muzzle.
    • Pay attention to the inside of the bolt carrier, as that is where the carbon is.
    • Make sure all your components are free of fractures, cracks, and deformation.

    My favorite statement is to “not remove your parkerizing” which is hilariously oxymoronic to anyone who has served. Often, the demand from Command is the weapon is perfectly clean which often leads to the removal of parkerizing through excessive cleaning.

    Despite my hazing of Army, they do have some good pieces of information, like the proper lubrication points on the weapon system. Often, Soldiers douse the bolt carrier in CLP.

    Those interested in cleaning their weapons the Army way can tune into the video below.

    Nathan S

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