5 Guns You Didn’t Know Existed with Iraqveteran8888

    If you’re like me and enjoy expanding your firearms repertoire at random, you should enjoy this video from Iraqveteran8888. Eric and his team make some fantastic videos and this is just one example of the results of their combined skill and knowledge. The group of guns featured in this video are indeed unique and well worth learning about. Take a look at the video below to learn about a few new-yet-old guns.

    A list of various firearm-related YouTube personalities was recently compiled by a fairly high-profile publication, and although the list did include a few good ones it seemed to me quite a few were missing. YouTubers like Iraqveteran8888 are great because they don’t just do shooting tricks or babble rather incoherently. Eric and those like him impart solid information about firearms using a platform that’s become increasingly popular in recent years. And while some people may not understand the point of learning about five unique guns – there are many reasons to learn these things, by the way – those who are serious about firearms do see the value in gaining knowledge.

    Whether you prefer to learn about firearm history or want to research various shooting stances, there’s information out there for you (just make sure you get said information from a reliable source). It’s up to you to go get it.

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