Gunbox’s New Sentinel AR-15 Secure Storage Speaker Device

    Remember Gunbox? It is the fancy looking pistol box that doesnt scream “metal box with gun inside”. If not check out Chris Cheng’s review. Gunbox is now making the Sentinel. It is an upright modern looking object that sort of looks like an upright speaker. In fact it has Bluetooth speakers built into it so it is functional and good looking.

    As you can see below, there is room for an AR and a side arm. Instead of shotgun shell bandoliers I would rather have Aridus Industries universal mounts and QDC if I had to have shotgun shells. Or mag pouches with extra mags.



    Here is a video of the new Sentinel Gunbox.


    Right now the Sentinel Gunbox is on preorder. It is $699. A bit steep when you can buy a gun safe that can hold more guns. Not sure how secure the Sentinel is but the Gunbox seemed rather robust for what it is. Unlike a traditional safe this can hide in plain sight as long as people do not recognize what it is. For more information go to

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