Adding 1911 Grips to Your AR-15

    John Moses Browning’s greatest gift to mankind the 1911 is regarded as having one of the best feeling pistol grips of all time. It’s slim, it has the perfect angle and it just feels right. Although a heavy handgun for some shooters there’s no denying that the 1911 fits most peoples hands just right and they point very naturally. Even if you prefer modern plastic pistols or wheel guns I’m sure some of you agree. So why not add a 1911 pistol grip to the most popular modern sporting rifle in the USA? Well now you can!


    I found two options if you plan to 1911fy your AR. First there’s an adapter from Unbrandar that goes for $59.95. It’s made out of CNC machined solid billet aircraft-grade aluminum and is hard coat anodized. It comes with all hardware needed but it doesn’t actually come with 1911 grip panels but you can add whichever ones you prefer. You can add these American Flag grips for more America.

    The other option I found was this kit on Amazon for $49.99.┬áIt’s similar to the other kit above, just bolt it to your AR lower receiver and swap on your 1911 grips. Would I do this mod to my AR? Probably, maybe not. But if you want something a bit different than the typical Magpul’d AR it might be for you.

    Ray I.

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