Steiner P4Xi Riflescope Now Available In Commercial Market

    p4xi scope

    Steiner announced that the company’s P4Xi rifle scope will now be sold tot he commercial market. Until now, this variable power scope was only available for government sales. The P4Xi is a 1-4×24 scope that is said to offer true 1x magnification on the low end. Many 1x optics do magnify the image slightly, which can cause minot visual confusion in some shooters.

    I have a Leupold 1.5-4x scope that I have enjoyed a great deal. However, I would much prefer to have a 1x lower end like that on this Steiner. When brining the rifle up on a target quickly, I find I have a split second delay as my eye seems to adjust to the slight magnification – something I do not notice with a 1x optic like my MRO.

    Steiner uses the illuminated P3TR reticle in this scope. The reticle has 11 levels of illumination including two specifically designed for use with night vision. Between each setting is an “off” setting allowing the shooter to set up the scope and need only a single click to activate or deactivate the illumination. The illumination controls and turrets are considered by the company to be low profile.

    This rifle scope has a suggested retail price of $579.99. They should be available now at all of the normal online shops and local gun stores.

    Richard Johnson

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