L3’s Next Generation Aiming Laser

    L3, parent company of EOTech, also has quite a few successful brands of products that the warfighter can depend on. One of their most well-known products us the Insight AN/PEQ-15 laser designator system also known as the ATPIAL, which has been popular with special forces and various Tier 1 groups.

    L3 has been busy building upon the success of the ATPIAL laser system with what they are aptly naming the “Next Generation Aiming Laser”. The new system is extremely compact, coming in at 3.6″x 2.0″ x 1.25″, holding three emitters for combative use at a scant 4.8 ounces with battery. Notable is the battery compatibility, using either CR123s or a commercial AA.

    The system features co-aligned lasers accurate to each other within .5 mRAD. Built-in is a visible aiming laser, an IR aiming laser, and an IR illuminator. The visible laser is a 4.0 mW low (65 mW high) system operating at 635 nm. The IR laser is a .6 mW system low and a 25 mW high setting at 830 nm. The IR Illiminator is programmed for 3.0 mW low and a 80 mW high setting at 860 nm.

    The Next Generation Aiming Laser retains a remote activation port for various activation strips to be set by the user where comfortable and on-unit setting adjustment.

    Unfortunately, the Next Generation Aiming Laser is not legal for civilian ownership, due to its high output lasers. However, its likely that once production starts a civilian-legal version will be available like the ATPIAL-C to the PEQ-15.

    L3 Next Genration Laser

    Nathan S

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