Review: Strike Industries Enhanced Pistol Grip & Finger Bump

    Strike Industries has quickly become a name that TFB recognizes for innovation and fresh ideas, this time it isn’t a fresh idea but a new take on an existing idea that they licensed from the folks at Accuracy Grip. When Strike sent us the Accuracy Grip that we recently reviewed they also included one of their AR Enhanced Pistol Grip as well as the Finger Bump that is designed to attach to most AR-15 grips.

    The AR Enhanced Pistol Grip is a pretty nice part all by itself featuring a great looking pattern that does a pretty good job of providing grip. You also might notice the two small circles to the rear of the trigger. Strike included these easy guides for installing the Finger Bump designed to prevent shooters from what they call “hooking” the trigger.  IMG_2715

    To install the grip you pull the rubber plug out of the bottom of the grip and install it with the provided hex screw and lock washer. The plug is a bit fiddly to get put in place when reinstalling it, you can see the tab that locks into the body of the grip is a bot deformed as a result of it not seating properly. IMG_2717

    The drilling guides for the Finger Bump are unobtrusive, the guides make much easier to center the drill bit when drilling the pilot holes for the screws to install the Bump. IMG_2721

    As for the Bump, like all of Strike’s products it is well made and doesn’t feel inexpensive. The Bump is secured to the grip with two small phillips screws so that you can install it on virtually any grip that you like. IMG_2730

    When installed the Bump looks right at home on the Enhanced Grip thanks to the small recess in the grip body, gripping the rifle the Bump positioned my finger pad almost perfectly over the trigger. If the Bump really does help the shooter be more consistent it would be a low cost upgrade for those seeking something like this. IMG_2739 IMG_2746

    Hitting the range I shot my 18″ AR with an A2 grip, the Enhanced Grip as well as the Accuracy Grip to see if hooking the trigger really influenced how accurately I shoot. You can check out the results of the Accuracy Grip in the review by clicking here.IMG_2782 IMG_2783

    After shooting several groups I was pretty pleased with the resulting groups. As I said in the Accuracy Grip review I had a uncharacteristically great range day in spite of the stifling humidity, shooting reasonably well for an otherwise average shooter.  IMG_2793

    The Finger Bump and AR Enhanced Grip did a wonderful job of helping me position my finger in the right spot. I’m not sure if I think it is a necessity, but if you are into that sort of thing the Bump really is worth a look.

    The MSRP of the Finger Bump is $7.95, you can learn more about it on the Strike Industries website by clicking HERE. The AR Enhanced Pistol Grip carries an MSRP of $18.95 and is avalible in either black or flat dark earth, you can learn more about it by clicking HERE.