Cross Armory Pistol Thumb Grip

    I like accessories that help improve my shooting or that make me more efficient. While not always needed accessories and add ons like enhanced mag releases, flared magwells, muzzle brakes and optics can really help you in combat or in shooting competitions, or just patrolling the mall. I stumbled upon a pistol accessory that claims to help increase accuracy, reduce recoil and increase stability while shooting. What’s this new wonder product you ask? It’s the Thumb Grip from Cross Armory that retails for $59.95.


    While it does look a bit goofy I can see how it can actually deliver on all those claims. It’s basically a rest for your thumb that bolts onto the Picatinny or Weaver rail of your pistol. Even if it doesn’t help with your accuracy or recoil reduction, I bet it will help prevent that pesky Thumb Over Bore pistol grip style.

    But seriously, after a bit of Googling I found out that thumb rest for pistols have been around for quite some time with competitive shooters. Has anyone here actually used one and do they really help? I shoot with your standard thumbs forward grip and that seems to do the trick for improved accuracy and stability.

    Ray I.

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