Alien Gear Introduces The Cloak Dock

    Unless you have been living under a rock for the last several years you have heard of the blow out pricing that Alien Gear has been offering on their popular Cloak Tuck series of hybrid IWB holsters. Alien Gear has expanded their lineup to include belt slide holsters, gun belts, new versions of the hybrid holster that made them famous and even a outside the waistband paddle style holster. The Cloak Mod paddle, while interesting by itself, just got a bit more attractive thanks to a docking system that allows you to mount your paddle holster anywhere you like.

    holster-mount wall-gun-holster

    The new Cloak Dock mounts to just about any surface that you can get a drill bit to cut a hole in, now when you get in the car you can pop the paddle holster into the new docking system turning one holster into two. Alien Gear will be including an adjustable bracket, mounting hardware, a hex key and even the drill bit to install the Dock.


    Alien Gear is currently offering a special on the Dock making it only $10 when you order the Cloak Mod holster at the same time. Should you choose to purchase it separately the Dock will run you $14.88, not exactly a princely sum.

    Should you want to learn more about the Cloak Dock you can check out Alien Gear’s website by clicking HERE.