Shotgun Recoil Tip from Mossberg

    Former USMC and current LEO Jeremy Stafford recently completed a video blog for Mossberg that caught my attention. The video blog’s purpose is to illustrate how to use recoil to your advantage, specifically with pump shotguns. For the video Stafford used a Mossberg 500 Pump Action Tactical Shotgun. In order to make the concept clear he exaggerated his movements; the goal is to practice this method until your movements are fluid and uninterrupted.

    Wondering if training is worth the time and ammo? Easy answer: yes. Training with firearms puts truth to “practice makes permanent” so make sure your trigger time is the type you want ingrained in your muscle memory.

    Training is part of Stafford’s job in LE and he puts his skills to use within the firearms industry as well. In addition to creating lesson plans, training, and making the occasional video, he also writes for publications such as Guns and Ammo.

    Mossberg is well known to you all, asĀ are their 500 series shotguns. One of my first shotguns was a 500, and today I have quite a collection of Mossberg long guns. It remains one of my favorite do-it-all weapons for everything from home defense to hunting turkeys. If you want to get a closer look at the 500, take a look here. To see the company’s entire lineup, visit their website here.

    View this video on Mossberg’s website here.


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