New Self-defense Hat from FAB Defense

    Self-defense ink pens, self-defense key chains, self-defense belt buckles…why not a self-defense hat? The latest addition to the FAB Defense lineup is indeed a hat. If you’re picturing a hat that is itself a weapon, though, you might be a bit disappointed.

    The “Gotcha” hat is described by FAB Defense as a “less lethal” design. The weapon isn’t the hat itself but is hidden in the brim of the hat. It’s a personal defense tool meant to be used on pressure points, but it can apparently also be used for restraining or disarming assailants. By all appearances it seems this tool would take some practice to master.


    The Gotcha tool is manufactured from MIL-SPEC reinforced polymer composite. FAB Defense lists this as a pro for many reasons, primarily because the tool will not set off metal detectors. A holster of sorts is built into the hat and the company states the tool can be easily drawn from it. According to FAB Defense, attackers would be completely taken by surprise by your drawing a weapon from the brim of your hat. No word on how much pressure or weight it can tolerate or whether it is replaceable, should the tool alone break.

    According to the press release, the hat comes in four colors: black, coyote, dark earth, and OD green. On the website those colors differ; instead of coyote, digicam is listed. All are made of 100% cotton and can be personalized by affixing a patch to their fronts. You can take a look online at this link.

    MSRP not listed but the hat is sold on some sites for $39.75.

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