The “Best” Sniper From The Great War – Francis Pegahmagabow

    I, for one, and am pleased to see the steady expansion of The Great War’s video library. It goes to show the power of Patreon campaigns and crowd-sourcing to back up and support great content creators who might otherwise not being able to afford producing. As a result of this, The Great War has been steadily expanding their content including a great series titled “Who Did What in World War 1?”

    Their latest entry covers the “best” sniper of World War 1, a Canadian trooper by the name of Francis Pehahmagabow, who ultimately became the most decorated aborigonal soldier from the war.

    Francis joined the army a scant nine days after Germany declared war on the United Kingdom. Raised in an adopted family (the story is that he was found next to his dead mother from childbirth), Francis played in  band and worked on Great Lakes freighters.

    Identified as an exceptional soldier, he was used for extremely dangerous missions (which he rather enjoyed) including running messages and as a sniper. He took huge risks such as actually going to the German trenches and cutting off souvenirs while the Germans were sleeping.

    He is credited with 378 sniper kills, the most of any sniper from any country in the war.

    Pegahmagabow lived a stored life post-war. For details of his accomplishments, enjoy the video below.

    Nathan S

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