If Its Scary, It Should Be ILLEGAL!… Vox.com Surveys People on Firearm Appearance


    The last few months in the US have been pretty tumultuous if you have been watching the news. Without getting too political, we have seen terror attacks, hate crimes, and a multitude of other criminal activity. It is truly unsettling and has a lot of people on edge. Some people want to scream gun control or make other arguments, but I digress. What is interesting is what firearms some Americans think should be legal or illegal. Vox, an internet news site, tried to delve into that exact topic.

    Vox teamed up with Morning Consult and tried to ask the question of firearm legality. They asked 2,000 people whether certain firearms should be legal or illegal merely based on appearance and their name. The infographic below is very telling. The less it looks like a hunting firearm and the more scary it appears lead whoever they surveyed to believe it should be illegal!


    Results from 2,000 people surveyed on whether certain firearms should be LEGAL or ILLEGAL [Credit: Vox/Morning Consult]

    You get some interesting, and maybe not surprising results, when you start to identify respondents by their political affiliation. Vox and Morning Consult took it a few steps further by dividing results from their survey by gender. Their full story and results can be found HERE.

    A final point they covered is how long it takes to shoot a particular firearm with its standard capacity magazine and reload it.

    All of the information drawn from their survey should be taken lightly because we do not know what pool of individuals were surveyed and many other unknown factors. The points covered though are everything you might want to discuss around the company water cooler… appearance, name, ability to reload fast, ability to shoot fast, etc.

    Finally, I would like to say that this is not meant to be a political post. It is always interesting to know what our peers, or the general public, perceives we should be allowed to have when it comes to firearms.

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