Primos Wants You Speaking the Elk Language with New Open & Closed Reed Calls


    Primos Hunting's New Timberline Open Reed Elk Call

    The elk hunting season is just around the corner for many states and Primos is looking to outfit people with easier and more dynamic calls. With great timing, they are introducing a new closed and open reed call. Both are developed and meant to be easier to use. So whether you are a novice or a veteran, you should be able to get good tones and sounds to draw in some elk this fall.

    Primos had this to say about their new elk calls:

    The new Timberline Open Reed and Timberline Closed Reed elk calls were developed by Primos’ team of hard-hunting, veteran callers. Both calls are easy to use and feature high-quality barrels hand-crafted from the finest hardwood for flawless reproductions of elk vocalizations.

    The Timberline Open Reed’s single, open-reed design easily produces a variety of high-pitched and high-volume sounds made by elk cows and calves, including incredibly accurate estrous cow calls that bring in amorous bull elk on the run.

    When elk are close, the Timberline Closed Reed seals the deal with subtle mews and chirps. The call’s bite-and-blow configuration allows you to precisely control pitch and volume by bite and air pressure, while the wooden barrel mellows the tone.

    Thanks to the simple designs and foolproof operation of both the Timberline Open Reed and Timberline Closed Reed elk calls, even first-time callers can quickly begin speaking the language of elk and calling trophies into shooting range.

    I can speak from first-hand experience that using elk calls typically has a learning curve. A steep one as a matter of fact. While road-tripping to my hunting location a few years ago (which was a 5 hour drive) I kept the radio off and practiced the entire way there. So any elk call that sounds like a bonefide elk and is easy to learn on… Sign me up!

    The complete press release for these two new calls from Primos can be found HERE.

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