Cooling Down A Hot Suppressor With Ice?

    My friends over at The Gunshow Podcast snapped this picture of a Silencerco Saker soaking in their ice chest after a range day.

    I reached out to the guys over there to get the story behind it and was told that the owner of the can predictably mag dumps a couple of mags at the end of the range day, then has the realization that he now has to pack up a suppressor that you could cook bacon on. Apparently the owner of the suppressor will cool it off by pouring some water on the suppressor slowly until he can get it off, then drop it into a ice chest for the drive home. While I am not sure that the suppressor can take that kind of abuse, the Saker is one of the toughest cans on the market currently.

    I can’t tell you how many times I go to the range, shoot pistols for a hour or two, then mill on over to the rifle line to finish out my day not thinking about having to pack up a hot suppressor. I want to hear what you guys do to cool down your suppressors, is there a better option for dealing with hot as hell suppressors at the end of a range day?