POTD: Deadpool By Your Side

    Savoy Leather makes some cool looking custom leather holsters with full color artwork on them. Their latest rides the popularity of the Marvel Universe character Deadpool. As you can see it is Deadpool riding a unicorn.

    For those not familiar with Deadpool beyond the recently successful Marvel Movie starring Ryan Reynolds, here is a little background information from an entertainment blog, The Mary Sue:

    Perhaps now is a good time to explain that there is a prevalent Deadpool-riding-a-unicorn meme. It began a long time ago (possibly with this example of Deadpool on a winged tiger), and—well, let’s just say there’s a lot of fan-art out there of Deadpool riding a unicorn and/or a pegasus and/or magical animal of some sort, often with a lot of rainbows, and also a taco and/or chimichanga. Check out this lovely example featuring Deadpool yelling “No Homo!” while riding a rainbow-pooping unicorn with a “tacos” tattoo. Deadpool has a deep, abiding love for both Mexican food and magical horses, and it has been well-documented in both fan-created and official representations.

    Whatever the origins Deadpool Riding a Unicorn is very popular and if you are a fan then this holster is for you.