Irony? Century Arms Introduces Cleaning Kits for the Run-Anytime AK Weapons System

    Yes, yes, yes… All weapon systems do need and should be cleaned, but the comically ironic introduction from Century Arms was too good not to poke fun at. Debuted at the NRA show and now shipping, Century Arms has released not just one, but three separate cleaning kits for Kalashnikov pattern weapons. Based on the tools selected and pouches, the kits are all made under label by OTIS Technologies.

    Dubbed the “AK Cleaning System”, the “Deluxe AK Cleaning System”, and the “Elite AK Cleaning System”, all will be marketed under the Red Army Standard branding. As one might expect based on the naming, the Deluxe and Elite are simply expansions upon the base AK Cleaning System.

    The base system comprises of:

    • (1) Memory-Flex® Cable
    • (10) Cleaning Patches
    • (1) Solvent
    • (1) T-Handle Bar
    • (1) Obstruction Remover
    • (1) Slotted Tip
    • (1) Chamber-Flex® Cable
    • (1) Female Rod
    • (1) 7.62×39 Bore Brush
    • (1) 7.62×39 Chamber Brush

    The Deluxe keeps all of the above, adding in a pin punch and gas tube brush specific for AK-style weapons. The Deluxe also upgrades the cleaning kit carrier into the common OTIS-round pouch. The Elite ups the game even further adding in solid rods and OTIS’ Ripcord pull-through bore cleaning snake.

    72L_CL068 Deluxe Cleaning System

    Pricing is set at $29.99 for the AK Cleaning System, $59.99 for the Deluxe, and $79.99 for the Elite. All three are available and shipping today to dealers with the standard AK Cleaning System also available for direct-to-consumer sale from Century Arms. 

    72L_CL069 Elite Cleaning System

    Nathan S

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