Bushnell Tops Off New SAVAGE ARMS A17 XP

    A17 XP

    Savage Arms Introduces an A17 XP model with a Bushnell A17 scope

    The Savage Arms A17 has already been a crowd-pleaser for those who like the .17 HMR round. Now Savage Arms is looking to make the complete package with an A17 XP model that comes with a Bushnell A17 scope from the factory.

    The scope they are placing on the rifle is the Bushnell Banner 3.5-10x36mm Multi-X. This scope was designed for use on a .17 HMR or .22 caliber rimfire. The scope has an MSRP of $149.99 and the reticle is developed to easily sight in the .17 HMR to eliminate guess work when aiming.

    For those who are not familiar with the A17, it is a semi-automatic rifle chambered in .17 Hornady Magnum Rimfire (HMR). What truly has people buzzing about this rifle is the fact that it works! Many companies have tried to previously make a semi-auto rifle in .17 HMR like the Ruger 10/22 and the Remington 597, but it failed.

    A17 XP

    Bushnell Banner 3.5-10x36mm Multi-X

    While this new variation of the Savage Arms A17 is not earth-shattering by any means, lots of customers should appreciate not having to research and mount a scope on their own. Savage Arms had this to say about their new A17 XP model:

    Savage Arms is pleased to announce its launch of a new A17 XP scope-package gun. The new A17 XP model features a Bushnell A17 scope that comes mounted and boresighted, making it easier than ever for shooters to get from the store to the field or range. Shipments of this new rifle are being delivered to dealers.

    The MSRP of this new package is set at $578 which is pretty appropriate for the package you are getting. We all know MSRP prices are typically high so you should be able to grab one of these hopefully in the realm of $500 – $550.

    To see the full press release statement from Vista Outdoors (parent company of Savage Arms), click HERE.

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