BREAKING: Invincible Arms Closes Down

    Invincible Arms

    Invincible Arms, the Ohio company that purchased Black Forge, LLC, has shut its doors after three years of business, industry sources have told TFB. The company was helmed by industry figure Izzy Anzaldua since early 2015, and made AR-15 rifles, components, and accessories.

    Invincible Arms was founded in 2013, and acquired Black Forge in May of 2015, a couple of months after former Bushmaster officer Israel Anzaldua was named President. Anzaldua has held numerous roles in the AR-15 industry, being named to executive positions at CORE 15, the ARK Defense Group (which acquired Osprey Defense), and Invincible Arms.

    Black Forge Weaponry, which was purchased by Invincible Arms, became notable as an AK shop, taking Bulgarian and Molot imports and converting them to more historical or “tactical” configurations, and selling them. The company received some press in 2014 after they began selling AR-15s as well, with a catalog that included custom colors and made-to-order rifles. The company originally was based in Orlando, Florida, before moving to Willoughby, Ohio after being acquired and absorbed by Invincible Arms. After the acquisition, the Black Forge brand continued to operate under the Invincible umbrella into 2016.

    TFB will report on the closure as more details become available,

    The AR-15 maker’s website is no longer operating, as of this writing. Its Facebook page, however, is still up.

    Nathaniel F

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