3 New Deer Caliber Loadings from Winchester – Just in Time for the Season

    Winchester has announced three new calibers within its Deer Season XP series of ammunition. The new calibers continue to round out the brand including loadings in .30-30 Winchester (150 grain), 7mm-08 (140 grain), and 300 Blackout (150 grain). This brings total offerings to over 10 SKUs for a variety of calibers:

    • .30-30 Win. – 150-gr. (NEW for 2016)
    • 7mm-08 – 140-gr. (NEW for 2016)
    • 300 Blackout – 150-gr. (NEW for 2016)
    • .243 Win. – 95 gr.
    • .270 Win. – 130 gr.
    • .270 WSM – 130 gr.
    • 7mm Rem. Mag. – 140 gr.
    • .308 Win. – 150 gr.
    • .30-06 Springfield – 150 gr.
    • .300 Win. Mag. – 150 gr.
    • .300 WSM – 150 gr.
    The Deer Season XP ammunition is loaded with an “Extreme Point” (hence the “XP” name) bullet designed to expand immediately and impart energy for a clean and ethical kill. The bullets feature large-impact-diameter technology using the Extreme Point polymer tip. Construction of the bullet is three-part. The Extreme Point bullet is front, supported by a tapered bullet jacket over a lead core.

    The XP ammunition is loaded into factory-new brass, but there is little information on the availability of the bullet-only. Re-loaders may have to wait for Winchester to catch up with production demand before experimenting with their own hunting loads.

    All calibers are available now from the big-name retailers. Expect matriculation down to gunshops over the next few weeks, especially with deer season to start soon in a variety of locales. Price is typically around $24 for 20 rounds.

    Nathan S

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