Willa-Hide Introduces A Dresser That Hides Up To 12 Long Guns

    Our friends at Willa-Hide reached out to me about their new chest of drawers that has the capability to hide up to 12 long guns in plain sight.When we took a look at Willa-Hide’s manufacturing facility and were surprised to find that instead of an assembly line, it was more like a high end furniture maker’s shop. Our experience when reviewing the Hidden Memories concealment mirror it became very apparent that the owner Tracy is nothing short of an outstanding woodworker.

    The new chest of drawers is made entirely out of solid knotty alder wood, making the dresser a heirloom piece that your kids could enjoy one day. The solid wood construction means that it weighs in at a hefty 400 pounds, a touch different than your Ikea dresser. Maybe your spouse will help you move it 30 times when deciding on where it should go …. maybe.

    Willa-Hide sent over some great photos of the new dresser, it looks like the construction and finish is as high quality as we have come to expect out of Willa-Hide. The MSRP of the dresser is currently $1995, well in line with most custom furniture. If you want to learn more about the company and their offerings you can check their website out at www.willa-hide.com

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